Unsung Monsters

by Queen Wolf

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released April 14, 2017

Sarah "Flash" Gorman - vocals
Christie Macdonald - guitar, "mellotron"
Chuck Hannan - drums
Tyler Merchant - bass
Mike Walls - guitar, vocals

Produced by Queen Wolf. Recorded sporadically Oct-Dec 2016 at Thee Temple Ov Toan by Mike Walls. Mixed Jan, mastered Feb 2017 at Audio Esoterica by Mike Walls with invaluable assistance from Thejus Chakravarthy and Kyle Byington.

All songs by QW. Tracks 1,2,5,6,7,9 by QW with Thejus Chakravarthy and Sarah Gretchen.

Cover photo by Greg Bowen/Human Being Productions.
"Adjustment" portrayed by Spencer Hall
Makeup by Anna Platis.




Queen Wolf Baltimore, Maryland

A wolfpack of 5 that's all out of bubblegum.

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Track Name: We Don't Grow Up
we don't grow up, we just grow crowded
we don't get smart, we just get scared
we learned, but not the right things
we're barely even listening

we don't have dreams, we just have envy
we're underwhelmed and unprepared
just tell us all the right things
we swear we'll start believing

strapped down at the feet and wrists
a condition we inherited
untrained rats in an ugly maze
is this real life or just a phase?
and how do you tell when it's over?
Track Name: Taking On Water
Thoughts of this ending are basically sending me down a river of
"whither should I fly?”
Carry me through the valleys, carry me through the sky to mountains
made of never…but never in your eyes.

Following streams that have too many rocks and falls, taking on water
through holes in the floor.
Time builds on time, but i forget half of it from all of the drowning.

Swallowing your sea….still sinking.

Thrashing on the surface. Gasping for reasons and grasping at air.
My expectations, what I wanted and what I believed, built up like
coral cutting my kicking feet.
Does everyone hate their own mind? Am I trying to fight against a
current that can’t be denied?

Everything is worn away by time, without warning, washing away these lives.
Does everyone hate their own mind?
Can we pick up the pieces we've already broken?
There's just so many of them and currents don’t slow down.
Whither should I fly?
Track Name: Pets
I stopped looking for exits
Stopped trying to open doors
I just wait and wonder whose house I’m being broken for
Cuz they don’t educate us anymore
They just train us like animals
We’re all pets eating scraps off the floor
Always hungry, never full
So bite down on the piece you’ve got
While the stress gnaws at you like a cannibal
We never ask what the leash is for
Cuz no one educates us anymore

I resist everything you do
To teach me how to be of use
Don’t forget that I’m a predator just like you

Been told I’m too aggressive
Been told to change my perspective
But it’s hard to adjust your lenses from behind invisible fences
See they don’t educate us anymore
They just train us like animals
We’re all pets chained up in the yard
Disobedient and disagreeable
So don’t bite, don’t bark, don’t claw
Just sit up straight and come when called
I used to ask what we do this for
But no one’s answering me anymore

Maybe I need more discipline
Track Name: Carrie Buck Will Have Her Revenge On The Commonwealth Of Virginia
Bear with me as I’m bawling
While I’m dreaming of mauling
And crawling and spitting
And trying to simply get out of this hole
Where you’ve confined me
And defined me
So come find me if you’re feeling bold

Do you fear me or despise me
Trying not to look me in the eyes, see
Me as something you can terrorize
Don’t try me
I’m frightening
I’m lightening
One strike and you’re frying
Before you even realize

You’re gonna see what kind of crime my blood is hiding
I am everything you’ve got coming to you
Even if I’m down I wanna know that you’re below me
If you thought you knew cruel….

Infinitely lowering a ceiling ‘til I’m cowering
Keeping me at bay by
Repelling me with cowardice
Maybe you thought I’d be your imbecile
Just standing still
But those days are through
I’ll show you what to do when a playmate hits you

You’re bailing water on a shipwreck
My rising tide will make you seasick
Cracking bow and run aground
The siren sound will guide you down
And help you drown

Move me like wind, like I'm nothing at all
Like a whisper, a memory, a ghost in the wall
You come like the ocean and leave like the tide
But I won’t be swept away this time

You’re bailing water on a shipwreck,
and I’m sailing on…..
Track Name: Clovesmoker
All the world is a stage, but it’s not a play It’s a game show with
prizes and rules that are changed every day.
Losing time and losing sleep over what we give and what we keep, over
what we lose and what we take like there’s any choice to make…

Show me the light. I want to know who’s grave I’m dancing on, and if
it’s mine, then I’ll know I did something right in this life.

I want to be more than just a negative reflection of my enemies.
I wonder if they see themselves in me? Interlocking functions in a
higher machine.
I don’t claim to understand your mind, I’m not trying to get inside it…
‘cuz I live by vampire rules, so I only go where I’m invited.
Track Name: Eris
Every night it's there the same
Facing the chaos that is me
It never falters
'Why so sad? No smile today?
It's not that bad!'
I say 'Sure.' I say 'Sure.'

Things that are brighter in the dark
Rarely ever show up
Things I thought I couldn't see
Are still there

I took a knife and cut him down
Let his face fall to the street
It was red
It looked surprised and so was I
I unleashed all my rage on him

Blood on the ground
Blood in my eyes
So red

It looked up at me with some sick expression Of lust and dread

No more body
No more body
He has no body
Just ghosts...
Track Name: Lines That Waver
these are the lines that waver, along with the colors that bleed
whatever you choose, stay inside some sort of line
you stood up straight as you walked away straight towards another line

now you're standing straight, now you're standing tall
you think you have the answers, you think you have them all
go ahead and write them down before you drown inside
shapes are known to change, perspectives known to lie

dreams are just illusions
you say they suit your heart
but its all a frame you work in
every one a false start
your pictures have so many lies
but satisfaction drains
it's never what it seems
just a vision that blurs

you have the most beautiful way of
letting the grey cloud the way you pick your pretty face apart
but you had the best shape
and you had the best color of any line I've ever crossed

now your heart is beating
beating fast exploding
our line is getting shorter
faster one by one
your line is growing
no end in sight
it just moves so slow in time
your line shifts forward in vain
spinning pointless and grand
and you'll never come back home
Track Name: Black Box
She's been wishing she was anyone but who she tries to be
Locked inside her plate-glass dungeon, tripping over cracks and crannies
Keep re-fitting puzzled parts with no consistency
Keep regurgitating lies and cover it with slanted sorries

He'll re-write their history all flight and feathery
He'll come off a beauregard, regardless of our judge and jury
She'll lock up any strength she had and throw away the key
And we'll watch on with bloodshot eyes and tear stained lips and thrashing worries

Close our eyes
Feel her glory
When she flies
Clearing stories

Soaring high
Finding rapture
Trace goodbyes
Til he pulls her screaming back to Earth

She was born to get out of this place
Building wings with wax and fettered grace
He was born to try and keep her down

Close our eyes
Feel her glory
When she flies
Clearing stories

Soaring high
Finding rapture
Trace goodbyes
And he'll never see her fall

dripping, waxing, falling, flaxen
and he'll never get to hear her

dripping, waxing, falling, flaxen
and he'll never hear her say it
Track Name: Curtain To Curtain
Faith washing over me and under and through...now I let it go.
I dropped it somewhere between the pages of a book I once read that changed me

Lost faith but found humanity

found spirit on new floors, not walls not stones
bright lights no gates, free admission to a new faith
close your eyes and jump in, it's ok i'm not scared show
i'm not lost, i'm finding my own way

Only imprints of my prayers left on the ground
heartfelt thoughts that just wont stick together
the machine has no ghost holy or otherwise

Lost faith but found humanity

Words I didn't write falling out of my mouth are new prayers,
curtain to curtain to death
Track Name: From Dusk Til Dawn
this time
i won't let you forget where we've been
she sees a chance for absolution
but do i deserve what i've become
i think i've passed the point of redemption

(we keep reaching out
pulling closer
pushing further
but getting farther)

just gotta make it through tonight
if we can make it through to sunrise
i think we'll be alright

in vain
we hide under our beds just like
monsters in a story
while mother death is in the hallway
wondering where her babies could be
i see a reflection of myself in her
i see a reflection but i refuse to believe
what i am shown to be

(falling faster, ever farther
find yourself but lose the other
forgiven but not forgotten
memory is getting longer)

keep retelling those ugly stories
if they help to soothe your worries
because she feels like a soldier
and he can't understand her
memory's reach goes farther than
you ever could know and it's
getting longer