Demo Wolf

by Queen Wolf

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Instruments were recorded live 9/16/2012 in our tiny practice space. Vocals were added 9/17-9/18/2012 at Audio Esoterica hq. Mixing was done throughout, with mastering completed 9/18/2012, all at AEhq as well. This project was done entirely digitally, on a Linux PC. Up the Unix Punx!


released September 19, 2012

Sarah Heiderman - vocals
Mike Walls- guitar and vocals
Thejus Chakravarthy- bass and vocals
Alex Vallejo- guitar
Chuck Hannan - drums




Queen Wolf Baltimore, Maryland

A wolfpack of 5 that's all out of bubblegum.

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Track Name: The Interview
As I sat across from him, I couldn't help but wonder aloud, "If I sign my life away to you tonight, what do I get in return? A body so unsound it's gone silent? I'm worth more than the meat on my bones. Am I a human or a resource to you?"

"Yeah, I get where you're coming from kid, but you've got to understand how this world works: you take as much as you can grab from whomever you can. it doesn't matter who you hurt or how because, in the end, we're going to die alone."

"Well if that's your philosophy, I refuse to participate at all! I will not be another piston in this engine driven by crisis and consumption, because I know I'm worth more than this dying body. To you, I'm nothing but a commodity to be burned like incense on the altar of industry while your gods pick your pockets and fertilize their gardens with your blood!"

Burn the straw men! Tear the moving goal posts down!
Why do we define our worth with sliding scales on polarized spectrums?
Between contempt and condescension, there's got to be some middle ground.
Track Name: Role Initiative
On the other side of the lens, the bright light splits seconds...reveals what hasn't yet been seen. This is not armour. Beneath these cracks is nothing but swirling ash and white-hot flame. For awhile that was enough, but tell me please: what do we have to offer each other now? Missed opportunities are piling up like bodies in a morgue. Marching is just dying in step; At the junction of empty and full hands obedience can seem heroic. It's time to shoot, and you're the bullet. March if there were no other way...
Track Name: Reflectors
Take stock of all the lives you've lived...which one looks the most like you? My advice: start getting comfortable with contradiction. "I am a victim of my own lust for results." Your experience is all you have, but that isn't all there is. If you don't like the Mobius track you are on, you can break out and make a new direction. "I've got to learn to get out of my own way." GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!